Developing Themes from COP26

While at COP, Dan and I had the opportunity to encounter and hear many different individuals from different backgrounds. We spoke with volunteers, CEOs, non-profit leaders, students, CSOs, communication specialists, brewers, protestors, foresters, investors, bankers, PR experts, assistants, bellhops, and bartenders. We listened to worldviews, anecdotes, problems, solutions, boasts, and genuine wisdom. It was a firehose of information. But

Cop26: A Reflection

COP26 was one of those “You had to be there” moments.  Every day, the headlines continued to push for more change, for faster change. Greta Thunberg’s “blah, blah, blah” plastered signs and posters across the city and wormed their way into most conversations. But, while we watched 100,000 protestors march past, Julian and I realized

Dairy Distillery

It’s not entirely turning lead into gold, but it’s easy to think of co-founders Neal McCarten and Omid McDonald as modern-day alchemists. What else could you call people who take milkpermeate (a by-product leftover from milk processing) and turning it into delicious vodka?   

We Are Cardolan

The throw blanket. Most homes have one, casually draped over the back of the living room couch or carefully folded in a basket. Usually, they’re bought with little thought while browsing at a home goods store. Sometimes though, they’re a family heirloom handed down through generations. These blankets are more than just fabric folded over

Strategy: Sense and Response

Few subjects in the annals of management literature have attracted more neural activity or sparked more debates than the subject of Strategy. Sadly, most of it is bunk, including a lot I have written myself over the years.  As I write, the second Covid waves abound, the US election is still in turmoil, the world

Real Brands are going to thrive, will Yours?

As I stood leaning on the hoe pondering the newly emerged leaves on the soil below, I thought to myself, “these two plants have always confused me!” For the master gardener, there would have been no confusion, but for the peripatetic consultant turned work-from-home farmer, it was a puzzle.  To hoe, or not to hoe, that was the question. 

Hope Among The Ruins

News Bulletin: we interrupt regularly scheduled bloggery to bring you this news flash…yesterday, for the first time in over twenty years, a white swan was sighted!

Lessons on Collaboration from Experts

Slowly the rear door of the livestock trailer opened, and I saw them for the first time, all thirty of them.  Jet black, pure white, and most hues in between.  Not a shared gene among them.  My D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) colleagues would triumph at the sheer heterogeneity on display. A tumbled, jumbled collection of biodiversity—an

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across our world, our country, our region and our homes, we find this is a time, more than ever, to know our Purpose as a business and to live it out every day. For us, at The Telosity Company, we seek to help leaders Build Healthy Human Companies that Do Good Work.

More than ever, this is our commitment to our clients, to serve by helping you know your Purpose and Identity as a company and live it out, creatively, every day in the Good Work you can do in your community, especially when it is so needed.