Developing Themes from COP26

While at COP, Dan and I had the opportunity to encounter and hear many different individuals from different backgrounds. We spoke with volunteers, CEOs, non-profit leaders, students, CSOs, communication specialists, brewers, protestors, foresters, investors, bankers, PR experts, assistants, bellhops, and bartenders. We listened to worldviews, anecdotes, problems, solutions, boasts, and genuine wisdom. It was a firehose of information. But

Real Brands are going to thrive, will Yours?

As I stood leaning on the hoe pondering the newly emerged leaves on the soil below, I thought to myself, “these two plants have always confused me!” For the master gardener, there would have been no confusion, but for the peripatetic consultant turned work-from-home farmer, it was a puzzle.  To hoe, or not to hoe, that was the question. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across our world, our country, our region and our homes, we find this is a time, more than ever, to know our Purpose as a business and to live it out every day. For us, at The Telosity Company, we seek to help leaders Build Healthy Human Companies that Do Good Work.

More than ever, this is our commitment to our clients, to serve by helping you know your Purpose and Identity as a company and live it out, creatively, every day in the Good Work you can do in your community, especially when it is so needed.