Identity is where who you are at home and who you are in the market intersect.

What would your organization look like at as a Healthy Human Company?

A healthy human company is a living, vibrant human community. As such, it has character, habits, shared beliefs, common aims. It looks to attract customers and so declares a brand. It must attract people to join and so offers a culture. With young companies, both brand and culture are still in development. More established companies are challenged to change both carefully. Today, the promise to others – the brand – must be reflected in the true nature of the organization – the culture or customers and employees reject it as false, as inauthentic, even as unsustainable. The identity of a company is comprised of both brand and all it promises, and culture and what it is truly like to work in the company.

An authentic identity is one where internal activity mirrors outward expression.

At Telosity Company we believe that Identity is formed in the tension between the answers to four questions.    

Who am I to myself? What do I understand my purpose to be? 

Who am I to others?  What do others consider my purpose to be? 

Who are you when your organization is both true to itself and belongs to something greater than itself? 



We help you define your Participation Strategy, specifically: the focus and critical dimensions of customer experience, the product offerings you will provide and roadmap for future offerings, and the redesign of the work and operations system that you may require as supply chains, employee work systems, customer delivery and technologies change.

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We help you choose your operating strategy and enable you to engage and share it with others in the form of what we call a “strategic framework”, literally a ‘one-pager’, that defines the capabilities, operating metrics and key strategic priorities for the coming period of time. Often, this work defines what we call ‘strategic sprints’ as teams, accomplish rapidly, critical tasks for the business to better position it for a rapidly evolving future.


The Purpose of a healthy human company declares why it exists and for whom and for what benefit. To discern a company Purpose, we seek out and fuse together two essential elements, like the metal alloys bronze or brass, Purpose is formed from a company’s own deep sense of what it is about and a real, critical social tension or social need to which the company can be relevant

The first step know living out your identity is to drop us a message!

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As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across our world, our country, our region and our homes, we find this is a time, more than ever, to know our Purpose as a business and to live it out every day. For us, at The Telosity Company, we seek to help leaders Build Healthy Human Companies that Do Good Work.

More than ever, this is our commitment to our clients, to serve by helping you know your Purpose and Identity as a company and live it out, creatively, every day in the Good Work you can do in your community, especially when it is so needed.